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Legacy U Programs & Scholarships

Legacy U was created to help develop and prepare inner city youth and student-athletes for college and beyond. We have achieved that by providing comprehensive workshops, athletic training, and establishing meaningful relationships that strengthen ties to the community and broadens their support network. In 2020, we impacted OVER 450 kids ranging from ages 5 – 18 and we are estimated to impact another 2,000 kids before the end of 2021 through our various programs and services.

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Be Legendary Scholarship

The “Be Legendary” Scholarship was created to reward young, bright African American students who have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to community service and education. A $2,000 Scholarship will be awarded to one (1) deserving student who will attend and maintain a full-time status at an accredited College and University in the fall of 2021. (May)

Life Skills for College & Beyond

Life Skills for College and Beyond is a modern and innovative curriculum with a multi-pronged approach that focuses on a variety of different learning strategies. The critically acclaimed book “The Brain is a Muscle Too” is utilized as a course guidebook for students. The main focus is to assist youth and student-athletes in their overall development in academics as well as life skills. The course will cover topics including but not limited to the college requirement process, how to choose the proper school, and how to succeed once a student-athlete steps foot on campus. Students will also be introduced to community resources and services to help assist them in their educational and career goals. (Spring/Fall)

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Lead & Inspire Summer Camp

 This summer enrichment program allows students to get a better feel of what college is going to be like and ease the college transition. This program offers the opportunity to network, see what it's like to live in a dorm room, build relationships with other college bound students and also travel to see different universities and colleges in person. (Summer)

Youth Sports League

Legacy Youth Sports Academy is a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation that provides supportive services, scholarships, grants, community programs and tournaments to youth in Columbus Ohio. This league serves over 1,800 boys and girls in central Ohio. This league allows every child an opportunity to participate in football and cheer. Ages we serve is 5-14. (May – December)

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Youth Legends Program

The mission of this program is to provide structured physical activity for underserved children to build the foundation for a healthy, active life. YLP offers a variety of program formats to meet the needs of our partner schools/community organizations and even individual households. The programs allow for a mix of in-person and distance learning that can comply with your local COVID-19 pandemic protocols. (Spring 2021)

Black Tie Legacy

Legacy U’s Annual Fundraiser Event. (Fall)

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Entrepreneurs Academy

The Entrepreneurs Academy is designed to mentor, support, and equip today’s youth with the necessary success skills to set them on the path of becoming our future entrepreneurs. This Academy teaches kids what it takes to succeed in our global new age economy, equips them with the success skills they need, and sets them in the right direction for understanding entrepreneurship at a young age. (Spring/Fall 2021)

Barbershop & Books

We organize and distribute book sets to barbershop partners. Legacy U communicates monthly with the primary contact at each participating barbershop. Each month, we do one phone check-in and one in-person barbershop visits. Purpose of this program is to encourage kids to read while waiting to get their haircut which will have a direct impact on literacy. (Spring/Fall)

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